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Why “following your passion” can be recipe for disaster

Those who know me know that in everything I do, I merge passion with hard work. But what they don’t know is that the “I need to find my passion” mantra makes no sense to me.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of us may be interested in a few things, or that one thing that makes them feel like a rock-star, but passion is too much of a strong word. The concept of finding your passion is so embedded in our culture that people use it as a crutch and excuse as to why they haven’t done anything meaningful in their lives: (more…)

Why I’m changing the format of my blog posts

Facebook group for entrepreneurs and thought leadersHi there,

After careful thought (really it took me 5 min to come up with this), I’ve decided to shift away from the traditional blog posts on my personal blog. What do I mean by traditional?Well, those sanitized, well thought-out, SEO friendly articles. It sure helps your brand to write long-form articles and guides to really help your readers. But the truth is, you can pretty much Google anything these days and find a well written 3,000+ words article that will answer your questions.


Freelance Writing: From Idea To Paying Clients In 2 Weeks [My Side Business Challenge]

Find A Side Business Idea

I’ve always been very interested in starting a blog to help people start and grow their own businesses. I started freelancing 4 years ago, while still studying, and have since started two other businesses. Before this experiment, I had no experience in freelance writing in this specific niche, which I thought would make it a lot more relatable and helpful to my readers. 

Very aware of the fact that my advice and journey might not be very relatable to the beginner or wannabe entrepreneur, I thought to myself: “What if I started a side business every once in awhile and documented the process?”. The thought of starting again from scratch was very exciting. What was more exciting, was the idea of helping loads of people, students, 9-5ers or any other person who thinks that making some money on the side or starting a business is out of reach. It’s a lot easier to find excuses that to get on with it! (more…)

No Internship? No Problem! Here Is Why You Should Freelance Instead.

Freelance StudentIt’s been a long year. Between late night study sessions and Netflix binges, you haven’t had the time to apply for any internships. Or maybe you did, but despite your best efforts, you have nothing lined up.

We tend to plan our lives in pre-defined boxes. Ambitious students tend to know exactly what they’ll do and when. The truth is, part of preparing for life after graduation, is preparing yourself for uncertainty and last minute life changes. You may not have that perfect internship you dreamed of, but that might just be the best thing that will ever happen to you and your career. (more…)

Applying To Jobs When You Can Do It All

Applying jobs MultipotentialiteGrowing up, I was always very good in every subject at school. Even worse, I actually enjoyed every single one of them. So to keep up with their easily bored child, my parents signed me up to three different sports at the same time. I then chose a university that was centered around the very thing I later discovered was looked down on by other institutions: being a jack-of-all-trades. (more…)

5 Tips To Boost Your Restaurant Sales

How to boost restaurant salesDo you need to pay off that expensive barista coffee machine you got? We know, coffee is not even your main business, but still, you were mesmerized by its beauty.

You just opened your restaurant/coffee shop/food truck/lemonade stand/anything that includes selling food or drinks to the hungry masses. First week was great. You were almost surprised that people would actually pay you for something that goes into their stomach. You are doing the snoopy dance counting your money (wait…does it even cover your expenses?)    (more…)